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Fundraising Simplified

Fundraising for GM Football is now in two distinct parts: Individual accounts and a Team account.  

Individual accounts: Are only be used to fund complementary elements of participation: Summer Team Camps, Summer Strength and Conditioning, Spirit Gear.  Rent-a-Ram is the primary individula fundraising opportunity to offset the $300 charge. 

To participate in all complementary aspects of the program (and have the newest spirit gear) costs about $300. This can easily be raised with full participation in the fundraisers. However, we respect that some families prefer to write a check to cover these costs. 

Team account: It is crucial that everyone understands how this money benefits every single player on the team.  The amount raised, the budget, and exactly how every penny is spent is public information and is held to the highest scrutiny. This money provides every player the safest helmets, new jerseys, our film system, field maintenance, our website, a new scoreboard on our sub-varsity field,  etc… Things that cannot be divided into individual accounts.  Football is the ultimate team sport, and we want to model to our student-athletes what it means to be a meaningful part of a team. So how do we do this? We will have three team-fundraisers that everyone is expected to be involved with.  

First, we have the golden opportunity to work the National Motor Cross event at Thunder Valley Saturday, June 2nd. Ask the families that participated last year and they will tell you how much fun they had.  With two years under our belt, this year will prove to be even more fun and lucrative.

We are so excited to partner with the Denver Broncos this year for an amazing fundraising opportunity. We get to work the Broncos games, concerts, and the CU v CSU game to raise money for our team. We need 25 volunteers per game with 7 of those being students and the rest adults. Every family needs to volunteer to work at least 2 events in order to make this fundraiser successful. As of right now we only have the concert schedule and the CU v CSU game up because the Broncos don't have their official schedule released yet. 

Another fundraiser will be Ram Card sales.  Every player will sell 30 cards during the first week and a half of the season. Pre-sale forms will be available mid-summer to help families that need it. And in reality, it may require families taking cards to work if you choose. Those that meet the goal will get extra gear, and those that sell more will receive extra prizes and possible cash. Players will be divided into multi-grade teams to support each other and compete for the biggest prizes. When everyone does this we will have the funds to improve the experience of every football players. 

Questions: What do I have to do? Answer: use the individual account for camps and gear, or write a check; make sure at least one adult shows up for the Thunder Valley Fundraiser May 30th; sell 30 cards this fall, and meet your required volunteer hours.  That’s it.  It’s not that much different than last year, just easier.  If we all work together, we can keep football free from out of pocket expenses.